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 Greetings fellow earthlings,

I bring you tidings from my own personal collection. I took this picture of Ville myself back in October.
I bring this tiding in hopes for a request to be fulfilled. So first, the yummy legalities.

Now the request.
I am getting a tattoo. Words, specifically. Lyrics, to pinpoint.
I have searched high and low and cannot find this picture.

I desperately need the Cyanide Sun handwritten lyric page from the Limited Edtition Venus Doom book. The more detailed, the better. It doesn't have to be an overly huge scan or picture, but a straight angle is needed.
If you don't want to scan or take a picture of the entire page, I specifically need the words "Too close to my heart, and my love"

I will be forever greatful!
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found this in the gallery of a member of valo_daily. dunno if it's what you wanted, but i don't have a scanner :(