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For all you HIM fans out there!

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HIM @Lutakko, Jyväskylä Finland [29 Aug 2015|12:16am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello dear people...haven´t been here for ages, but now I want share with you some HIM videos I filmed @Lutakko 16.8.015! Hope you enjoy <3https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL05ZNDgI0yPfPO8ootsYZWBTJlEdVQ2Er

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HIM SALE [08 Nov 2008|07:50pm]

Items for sale include: HIM magazines, posters, CD's, vinyls, etc..

Please go here-->
and check out the items.

Thanks for looking ^__^

Ps. if you have bought any items from me before, I will be very grateful if you leave me feedback about your purchase HERE

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"I Love Ville Valo" Bracelet for Sale! [22 Sep 2008|09:06am]

So unique! Red wristband with I (heart) Ville Valo engraved.
Also available "Return Me To Ville Valo"
Check it out here:

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[12 Sep 2008|03:08am]


Has being a HIM fan inspired you to learn Finnish? Then, check out my community: community.livejournal.com/vvluvsfinniprac.
You do NOT have to post a pic of Ville Valo. Just post a pic of your favourite band member. You can even post other Finnish bands like the 69 Eyes. It used to be a v.v. site, but not anymore so don't feel any pressure.
And picspams are HIGHLY welcomed.

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HIM SALE [15 Aug 2008|08:03am]

Items for sale include: HIM magazines, posters, CD's, vinyls, etc..

Please go here--> 
http://devilish-alegna.livejournal.com/38673.html and check out the items.

Thanks for looking ^__^ 

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Our pictures of HIM from Ruisrock festival [25 Jul 2008|09:23pm]


Hi to all!

Here are our HIM pictures from Ruisrock-2008

All pics are here
(c)photos by Natalia "Nuts" Reshetnikova & Olga "Omena" Dendimarchenko

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HIM & TRIG! [12 Jul 2008|12:18pm]

In case you haven't already sign up for trig and add HIM! Trig is similar to myspace, its like a social networking site, but its nicer looking and a lot more European/Scandinavian bands are on it. You can add HIM as your friend and add their songs to your profile, plus you can "trig" them and that tells them, the site and other people that you really like them!

See you there!

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HIM SALE [09 Jul 2008|02:56am]

 Items for sale include: HIM books, posters, CD's, DVD's, singles, magazines,etc..

Please go here--> 
http://devilish-alegna.livejournal.com/26065.html and check out the items.

Thanks for looking ^__^ 

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Ville Valo Fics--FanFic Comm [03 Jul 2008|04:36pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Join Ville Valo Fics today!

Join my community. Ville Valo Fics. We have 27 members already. Join! Tell your friends!!!

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http://bittersweet6.buzznet.com/user/journal/1702371/ [05 Jun 2008|03:32pm]


Heal me

Ville Valo Interview 2008 [05 Jun 2008|03:28pm]


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contact me if u live in toronto [04 Jun 2008|04:17pm]

contact me if u live in toronto , am looking for HIM fans to hang out with :)

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[25 May 2008|02:07am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

 Greetings fellow earthlings,

I bring you tidings from my own personal collection. I took this picture of Ville myself back in October.
I bring this tiding in hopes for a request to be fulfilled. So first, the yummy legalities.

Now the request.

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New Ville Valo Community!!! [20 May 2008|12:30pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I have created a new community. Link under the cut.

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SELLING: Part of my HIM collection [04 May 2008|11:17pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

 It includes HIM CD's, singles, magazines, and posters.

Please go to:
http://devilish-alegna.livejournal.com/5292.html and check out the items :-)


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HIM NIGHT TONIGHT! [28 Apr 2008|08:44pm]


-call in
-share pictures
-chat live
-all him songs

I am having a special pre-party release for the much anticipated DIGITAL VERSITLE DOOM available April 29th!
It is a special HIM broadcast where I will of course playing all HIM. The show will run for about 2 hours. You will also be able to call into the show if you have a headset and google talk (free download @ www.googletalk.com) or you can just call in using a phone. You can also chat live with everyone listening to the show. You can also upload media, videos, pictures, etc.

It is a totally interactive show so spread the word and hope to see you all there!

*It is on MONDAY 8pm est/ 5pm pst*
(In order to chat you must sign up at www.nowlive.com - it is free!)

Go to www.nowlive.com/jem or just go to www.nowlive.com and click on THE BEEHIVE to listen.

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somewhat him related [27 Apr 2008|05:03am]

there used to be a girl in this community with a few HIM tattoos & a pink leopard print tattoo. does anyone know who i'm talking about? please lemme know/poster he LJ if you do.

& to make it legal:

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Bungle [11 Apr 2008|10:38pm]

Why is Norway such an unusual shape?

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Heartache Every Moment: [08 Apr 2008|05:14am]

Just a video I made recently

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Join Me in death: Ville Valo, just a video I created [03 Apr 2008|06:55pm]


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