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HIM Daily

Come Closer My Love, Will You Let Me Tear Your Heart Apart?

For all you HIM fans out there!
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As you might have noticed, this community is about the finnish "love metal" band HIM. If you're a HIM fan please join and stay on top of everything concerning this great band!

Oh and because I couldn't agree more with this initiative, I'd like to support it in any way I can, starting with putting the banner here. Hope you'll do the same!

1. Anyone can join.
2. All posts must be written in english
3. One picture per post. If you want to add more, please use a lj-cut.
4. Large pictures are only allowed in a lj-cut. We don't want to be responsible for any crashing computers.
5. Only HIM related posts are allowed. Don't take this the wrong way but we're not interested in complete life stories. Use your own livejournal for that.
6. No hotlinking, unless you have permission from the webmaster/mistress
7. Selfmade graphics/drawings/fanfics/etc. may be posted to a certain extend, just don't exaggerate it.
8. No test results, that includes MemeGens.
9. Stealing images is not allowed in this community. If you want any pictures that have been posted here, please ask the one who posted it permission to use the images.
10. Keep it nice and clean, please. I'm not gonna whine about swearing ( I myself, swear all the time) but I'm trying to make this a nice community, not some kind of battlefield, and please respect all members work

Name: Ville Hermanni Valo
Instrument: Vocals
Birthday: 22.11.1976
Sign: Scorpio
Brothers/Sisters: One younger brother Jesse
Pets: Gas&Burton
Favourite film: Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas
Lucky number: 0
Favourite city: Necropolis
Favourite dish: Body of Christ
Favourite drink: Blood of Christ
Special interest: 1980's, Mige's photography, The Origin of the Blues, Eastern European Folklore, Enochian, Malleus maleficarum
What I don't like: The Beatles, red meat, the misuse of mind altering substances
Idols: Gene Simmons, Edgar Allen Poe, Rauli Somerjoki, Clint Eastwood
Best song ever: Sininen uni by Tapio Rautavaara

Name: Mikki Henrik Julius Paananen
Instrument: Bass
Birthday: 19.12.1974
Sign: Sagittarius
Brothers/Sisters: Big brother Helmut
Favourite film: Sleepy Hollow
Favourite colour: The colour of Saruman's robe
Lucky number: 666
Favourite city: Barcelona
Favourite dish: Soulfood
Favourite drink: Coffee, water, nectars
Special interest: Catholic churches, architecture, Charles Chaplin, exotic
instruments, meditation, Vedrana, pyramids, photography
What I don't like: Cruelty, hatred, aggression, ghosts & other night fears, wicked spirits, envy, modern shopping malls
Idols: Black Sabbath, Ville Valo, Lily Lazer, Suho Superstar
Best song ever: Black Sabbath: War Pigs
Message: Be careful with alcohol, sex, drugs & other temptations

Name: Mikko viljami "Linde" Lindstrom
Instrument: Guitar
Birthday: 12.8.1976
Sign: Leo
Brothers/Sisters: Little brother
Favourite film: From Dusk Till Dawn
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite city: Luxor
Favourite dish: Italian food
Favourite drink: Beer
Special interest: Selibacy, meditation
What I don't like: Strangers
Idols: John Lee Hooker, Steve Vai
Best song ever: HIM: Borellus

Name: Jani Purttinen
Instrument: Keyboards
Birthday: 17.10.1974
Sign: Libra
Brothers/Sisters: -
Pets: -
Favourite film: Charles Chaplin's City Lights
Lucky number: 7
Favourite city: Helsinki
Favourite dish: Pizza
Favourite drink: Coffee
Special interest: Everything
What I don't like: MacDonalds
Best song ever: Horst Mamerow: Klarinetten Polka
Message: Murskaa Mäkki!

Name: Mika Karppinen
Instrument: Drums
Birthday: 8.2.1971
Sign: Aquarius
Brothers / Sisters: -
Favorite film: Scarface
Favorite color: Jade Green
Lucky number: 11
Favorite City: New York
Favorite dish: Sushi & Japanese
Favorite drink: Beer, GT
Special interests: Movies, The Pens, Motorbikes and Cigars
What I don't like: Bad food, Bad people and early wake-up calls
Idols: Darius Kasparaitis, Krzysztof Oliwa, Herra no.66, Daniel Lioneye and Dave Lombardo
Best song ever: Discharge and Slayer (All)

  1. 666 Ways To Love (1996)
  2. Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 (1997)
  3. Razorblade Romance (2000)
  4. Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights (2001)
  5. Love Metal (2003)
  6. And Love Said No (2004)

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Which HIM video are you?
What song by HIM are you?

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